Events for August 2016

8/2/2016 Alexandria Police Department’s Community Night Out
8/2/2016 District One Candidate’s Forum
8/3/2016 Used Book Sale
8/3/2016 Lake History Pontoon Tour
8/4/2016 AAYP August Luncheon
8/4/2016 Used Book Sale
8/5/2016 The Color Dash 5K Bubble Bash
8/5/2016 Festival of the Lakes Concert
8/5/2016 Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum 10th Anniversary Celebration!
8/5/2016 SalvationUSA: Good News Gospel Crusade!
8/5/2016 Wake Up! Alexandria
8/6/2016 Festival of the Lakes Concert
8/6/2016 ROAR Group ATV Ride-Two Inlets
8/6/2016 Book signing by Cathy Weber-Zunker
8/7/2016 Vintage Car Club
8/8/2016 Central lakes Trail Bike Tour: Late Summer
8/9/2016 Getting the Most from Your Camera
8/9/2016 Turning Your Vacation into Travel Writing & Photography
8/9/2016 Club Real Fun: Movie Matinees – Adults with Disabilities
8/9/2016 Putt fore Dough
8/10/2016 Club Real Fun: Pontoon Cruise – Adults with Disabilities
8/10/2016 Club Real Fun: Pontoon Fishing – Adults with Disabilities
8/11/2016 No Limits on This Ceiling!
8/12/2016 United Way Porky Picnic
8/13/2016 31st Annual Alex “Firearms” & “Knife” Show
8/13/2016 Book signing by Richard Hinrichs
8/13/2016 Festival of the Lakes Concert
8/15/2016 Old is New Again
8/18/2016 Duck Drive Fore Kids
8/18/2016 109th Annual Stevne Meeting
8/19/2016 Wake Up! Alexandria
8/20/2016 4th Annual Garlic 5 Course Dinner
8/20/2016 Story Time at the Mall
8/22/2016 Add Color to the Spring Garden with Bulbs
8/22/2016 Club Real Fun: games & Social Time – Adults with Disabilities
8/23/2016 Lake History Pontoon Tour
8/23/2016 Growing Seeds of Faith & Giving – Keeping the Lake in the Family
8/24/2016 Tennis Family Fun Night
8/25/2016 Bonfire, Storytelling & Music
8/27/2016 2nd Annual Run from the Cops 5K Run/Walk
8/28/2016 Youth Outdoor Activity Day
8/30/2016 Putting Your Garden to Bed for the Winter