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The City of Alexandria is located approximately fifteen miles west of Osakis in Douglas County, Minnesota. This city, with an estimated population of 11,043 is one of the fastest growing cities in west-central Minnesota. Alexandria is considered the Birthplace of America, and is well-known for Big Ole and the Kensington Runestone. Big Ole is a 28-foot high, 4-ton statue of a Viking located in downtown Alexandria.  The Runestone Tablet is a bit more controversial. Some claim this 200-pound slab of greywacke measuring 30x16x6 inches proves that Viking explorers had discovered this area of North America as early as the mid 14th century.    
Although Alexander and William Kinkead originally claimed and started building on the land that is now Alexandria in 1858, it was not until after the Sioux Uprising of August 1862 ended that folks returned to this area.  Soon after the uprising, President Lincoln enacted the Homestead Act and the town began to flourish once again with settlers looking to claim free land and make a new start. The St. Paul and Pacific Railroad began service in Alexandria on November 5, 1878 and this small town became more prosperous. Wealthy southerners came north to Alexandria to enjoy the crystalline blue lakes and escape the balmy summers in the south. Since then Alexandria has expanded its economic base to create a stable and safe community with a bright future ahead.
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