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Douglas is a county located in west-central Minnesota and has estimated population of 34,628 (2004 estimates).  It is one of 173 American Viticulture Areas in 30 states and the only wine-grape appellation in Minnesota, Alexandria Lakes AVA.  This county was named for Stephen A. Douglas, a U.S. senator from Illinois named. The County Seat of this county is Alexandria
Douglas County was officially created in 1866 after treaties were signed with the Sioux Indians and the borders of Douglas County were officially set.  European immigrants and civil war veterans quickly settled this area after the signing of the Homestead Act by President Abraham Lincoln.  Almost all of the tillable land in the county had been claimed by 1869.
Douglas County is famous for the Kensington Stone, a large flat stone with runic inscription carved on its face.  Many believe this stone is a genuine record of a visit by Vikings as early as the 14th century, preceding the historic discovery made by Christopher Columbus by more than 100 years.  Others believe the 200-pound stone on display at the Runestone museum in Alexandria.

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