Ideally, what every owner wants when they sell their home is to get the highest possible sales price in the shortest period with the least inconveniences.  They may not realize that’s what they want but if you ask enough questions, they are the three most common expectations.

Even when REALTORS® put their home on the market, they have the same three expectations.

The challenge is that to achieve two of these may come at the expense of the third item.  The maximum price in the shortest time may not be the most convenient.  The shortest time with the least inconvenience may not achieve the maximum price.  The maximum price with the least inconvenience may not occur in the shortest time.

It can certainly be the goal to achieve all three, but realistic expectations are important.

If the home is priced below market value, it will probably sell quicker.  If the home is in good condition, it will probably sell for a higher price.  If there is less competition on the market than normal, it could favorably affect the time and price.

Managing these expectations could be the reason that nine out of ten homeowners entrusted the sale of their home to real estate professionals last year.  Owners can increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome by sharing their expectations with agents prior to listing their home for sale.

Think of your REALTOR® as an invaluable part of the team who is going to help you meet your expectations.  They need to know your expectations and your timetable.  They know the market and how to get you the maximum price in the shortest time with the least inconvenience.

Your real estate professional can also coordinate with the other professionals involved that will make up your team.  They can make recommendations based on experience to ensure that they’ll do what is needed when it needs to be done.

The bottom line is that it takes a group of skilled people to sell a home.  It takes good communication so that everyone understands the goals.  And, it takes someone you can trust to coordinate everything.

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